It's time to put your best face forward.
We live in a world where your signature is no longer a mark made with a pen, it's made by eye contact and a connection to your audience. Your style, energy and face is so important in a digital age where personal brand is first and foremost in helping make your mark, and your mission in life thrive. 
Whether you are an entrepreneur, long time successful business owner, keynote speaker, artist, actor, accountant or agent - be recognised not just by your name, but by your face. 
For LinkedIn, networking, article or award submissions, or even your website, there will be countless opportunities for you to connect to your audience through your professionally directed portrait session that invites them to get to know you, your vibe and what you do best.
Be guided by Mauro Palmieri as he brings his passion for people and portraiture to your session. Using his creative direction skills in both composition and direction to capture an authentic image of you to use so the world gets to see who you are, and what you stand for.  Mauro has an impressive list of clients who sought him out for his distinctive qualities. He has worked for the likes of Toni Maticevski, Mercedes-Benz, Sans Beast, Mariana Hardwick, Karen Willis Holmes and he has shot portraits for some incredible artists and performers such as The Cat Empire, Harry J. Angus, Pete Murray and David Bromley, to name a few.
Nervous getting in front of the camera? That's normal. Which is why Bridget Sophie, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist will also be in the studio to give you that extra boost of confidence. Nominated as Australian Formal Makeup Artist Of the Year in 2019, she will apply the same techniques she uses for both men and women in film, television and commercial work to your looks. No fake lashes and overdone foundation here. Only polished, professional and perfectly applied looks to bring your best face forward. 

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