Our Kinds
Kadie Dehaney
Portraits of Australian Netballer Kadie Dehaney
15 Days
Jurgen Loos - Artist
Emma and RĂ©mi
This portrait captures my wife and newborn son as we were in the midst of packing our home during the 2020 Pandemic.
Asaf Leibovize
Co founder of Kinoko Restaurant - Byron Bay NSW
Harry James Angus
From a series shot for Lume Restaurant
Barker Road
Chef - Shaun Quade
Co Founder at Grounded Foods and mastermind of Lume Restaurant
Cherry De Vere
Portraits of Cherry during a conversation on body image.
Portrait with Ink V.2
A personal project
Seasoned is a portrait series that looks at how the human gaze and expression can be shaped by long standing careers. All photos are shot in studio on large format black and white film.
Portraits with Ink
A personal project
Tanya Gerstle
Some studio portraits I shot of Tanya during her journey of healing and transformation
Portraits for Jane Liscombe's Unlocked
18% Grey
A Grey Card project - Unexpected portraits of people holding the Grey Card before shooting.
Mark Minty
Joseph Simons
An editorial shoot with Joseph Simons and Alexi Freeman
Self Portrait
This image reflects on a time in my life where my mental well-being was shattered. An unbearable feeling of failure as a father, husband and as a man, took hold from the constant grind of social and personal expectations. In this portrait, I am attempting to convey both a sense of vulnerability and a strength, which is perhaps more of a shield that I have held as an idealistic representation of manhood.
Nonna Diceva
A personal project of Melbourne Nonna's and their secret recipes of traditional Italian foods
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